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Renewable Energy System
Stock Water Pumping

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Basic water pumping system, sized at 100 ft. approximate depth

The amount of water this system will supply in an average day, and in what zone:

 Zone 1..600 GPD*
Zone 2..565 GPD
Zone 3..510 GPD
Zone 4..465 GPD
Zone 5..........400 GPD
Zone 6..330 GPD
                   (*gallons per day)

Shurflo Sub Pump, 9300 Series
Optimizing Controller
2 - 60W Solar Modules
1 - Zomeworks  Tracker
Float Switch and Low Water Cut-off   Electrodes
10/2 AWG Submersible Wire
Float Switch and Electrode Wire
Poly Tubing and Safety Rope
Pump Fittings
Total cost before freight: 

This Shurflo model will pump from a maximum depth of 220 ft. in a minimum of 4" casing.   At that depth you'd need two 80W modules.  Remember, the above figures reflect averages; you will get more water in summer (in times of higher livestock and garden demands) and less in winter.  This system is meant to pump into a holding tank or cistern, and will not provide for a pressurized system by itself.

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