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Solar Electric Fence Chargers

solar fence chargers

6V solar fencer model

America's first solar-powered electric fencer is equipped with the latest state-of-the-art solar panel and sealed 6V battery.
1)  100% American-made, advanced solid state circuitry; no moving parts; provides more shock output than ever.

2) Day or night operation; Solar-Pak uses free energy from the sun to keep its powerful battery fully charged.  Will operate 21 days in total darkness.  Eliminates the need for inconvenient battery recharging.

3)  Power line convenience in a battery fencer.

4)  Totally weatherproof, portable, rustproof, for easy installation anywhere.

5)  Charges up to 25 miles of "clear" fence for small animal/livestock control.

6)  UL listed; full two year warranty.

          (6V unit)         














12V solar fencer model

Parmak Technology brings you this low impedance, powerful 12V solar powered fence charger.

1)  Features Parmak's exclusive built-in performance meter; tells you the exact condition of the fence.

2)  Advanced circuitry; no moving parts; provides powerful low impedance shock through wet weeds and brush.

3)  Equipped with the latest state-of-the-art solar panel and sealed 12V battery.

4)  For medium to large fence systems, security, livestock or predator control.  Charges up to 30 miles of fence.

5)  Totally weatherproof, portable, rustproof for installation anywhere.

6)  UL listed; full two year warranty.

    (12V unit)                 


Shock value:  the 6V unit delivers 12,000 volts; the 12V unit has a lower 8000  volt output with slightly higher amperage.  On-time for the low impedance 12 volt unit is 100 micro seconds at 55 pulses per minute.  The short on-time lowers the joule output, resulting in an effective (shocking) yet safe (non-burning) power spike.  DC units are more resistant to lightning coming through the fence than are AC chargers.  Must be grounded upon installation.


WARRANTY - Full Two Years
;  Parmak Solar-Pak Fencer is warranted to perform exactly as represented and to be free from all defects in materials and workmanship.  Any Parmak Solar-Pak Electric Fencer returned to the factory within two years after purchase from dealer will be repaired or replaced free of charge.  Warranty includes  damage from lightning; warranty does not include physical damage.  The Gel Battery is warranted for one year.  Parmak's special steel housings warranted for life against rust.  If a Parmak housing ever rusts, it will be replaced free of charge--regardless of the age of the unit.

Solar Fence Charger Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


NOTE: Fence chargers are not stocked locally and ship from our supplier back east.




We now know that the imported fire ant cannot be completely eradicated, but it can be controlled; the SOLAR ANT CHARMER  does the job without the use of hazardous chemicals.


The red imported fire ant was introduced into Mobile, Alabama, from South America in the 1930's.  This species has spread through the southeastern United States continues to expand north and west into areas of mild climate and plentiful food.  Fire ants attack animals, people and even electrical devices.  They cause failures in air conditioning units and traffic control boxes.  Fire ants kill livestock and have even been known to kill humans.  The SOLAR ANT CHARMER, developed by Heitman Laboratories, controls fire ants without poisons, by eliminating a major part of the ant colony's defenses.  It collects and kills thousands of fire ants in just minutes.   Fire ant poisons pollute the Earth, and fire ant baits can take up to six weeks to become effective.

SOLAR ANT CHARMER:  Operation & Use

General Operation:  The Solar Ant Charmer is pushed into the fire ant mound with the solar panel facing the sun.  After 30 to 60 minutes it will collect most of the ants in the colony.  These are the ants that defend and nourish the colony.  Without these two important capabilities, the fire ant colony is doomed.

How It Works:  The Solar Ant Charmer is a high-tech and precision unit.  It is designed to collect a tremendous number of fire ants by electrical stimulation.  It uses solar cells and electronics to change sunlight into electrical pulses, which attract fire ants to the cone and ultimately to their death.

Storage & Maintenance:  The unit is easy to clean and maintain.  Just brush off any remaining dead ants after use and wipe with a damp cloth and hang in garage or storage building.  The Solar Ant Charmer will provide years of use with proper maintenance.

Solar Ant Charmer Safety:  The unit is not a toy and should be operated and stored away from children.  It is electrically safe around people, however, fire ants are dangerous, so caution and common sense must be used to avoid stings.

Packaging:  The Solar Ant Charmer is packaged ready to go.  Everything to do battle with fire ants in enclosed, including an informative video tape that features proper operation, safety and storage of the Solar Ant Charmer.

For an excellent site on dealing with fire ants or other pest problems in an environmentally friendly way check out the biological controls section of the http://www.planetnatural.com web site.

 $89.95   plus freight

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