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Concorde Batteries
Sun-Xtender® VRLA-AGM

Sun Xtender® Series Batteries have been designed and developed to meet the needs of the Renewable Energy Industry.  They are sealed, maintenance free,
valve regulated, deep cycle, long life lead acid batteries that never require water
or addition of electrolyte.  These batteries are AGM (absorbed glass mat).

Sun Xtender® Batteries are sealed and non-spillable making them incredibly safe.  They are able to operate upright, placed on their side or end.  Because they are sealed and not prone to gassing or the potential corrosion of flooded batteries, Sun Xtender® Batteries are ideal for inside storage, on racks, in battery boxes, or outdoors.  Sun Xtender® Series Batteries are environmentally friendly, recyclable, and UL Recognized Systems Components.

Uses for the Sun Xtender® Series Renewable Energy Storage Batteries include both grid tied and off grid renewable power systems and backup power.  Some application examples are telecommunications, residential power systems, village power, supervisory control & data acquisition (SCADA), aids to navigation (sea & air, including runway lighting), telemetry RTU monitoring and solar powered 2-way radio repeaters .

Model A/h Capacity @ C/120 A/h Capacity @ C/24 Dimensions Weight Pricing
PVX-420T 45 42 7.7x5.2x6.9 30 lbs Call
PVX-340T 38 34 7.7x5.2x6.9 25 lbs Call
PVX-490T 55 49 9.0x5.5x8.8 36 lbs Call
PVX-560T 63 56 9.0x5.5x8.8 40 lbs Call
PVX-690T 79 69 10.2x6.6x8.9 51 lbs Call
PVX-890T 102 89 12.9x6.8x9.0 62 lbs Call
PVX-1040T 120 104 12.0x6.8x8.9 66 lbs Call
PVX-1080T 126 108 12.9x6.8x9.0 70 lbs Call
PVX-2120l* 253 212 20.8x8.7x10.7 138 lbs Call
PVX-2580L* 305 258 20.7x11.0x10.2 165 lbs Call
PVX-2240T 263 224 10.3x7.0x10.0 67 lbs Call
PVX-3050T 350 305 10.3x7.1x13.0 91 lbs Call
PVX-5340T 612 534 12.9x6.8x9.0 62 lbs Call
PVX-6480T 756 648 12.9x6.8x9.0 70 lbs Call
Expected life cycles versus depth of discharge (DOD) @ 3-hour rate/25°C (77°F)
5200 @ 10% DOD, 1850 @ 30% DOD, 1050 @ 50% DOD
Full charge termination voltage (ᤙ°C) 14.40 Vdc
Float charge termination voltage (ᤙ°C) 13.40 Vdc
Temperature compensation +/- 3.75mv per cell/°C degrees @ 25°, (0°C to 40°C)