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Oasis Montana renewable energy newsletter for spring 2008

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Solar-One Batteries with HuP. Technology
Heavy duty batteries for your renewable energy (RE) system!

Solar-One batteries feature a design thatís so unique, itís patented. Engineers at General Battery teamed up with Dupont chemists to design a flooded battery that is so dependable, itís backed by the longest standard warranty in the RE industry (7 year free replacement and 3 year prorated).

Solar-One batteries are very heavy and present special issues for the renewable energy installer. To put this superior technology to work for you, employees at General Battery designed an epoxy coated steel case that allows each 2 volt cell to be removed. This solved the weight issue and also Solar-One batteries with HuP. technologyoffers excellent protection against breakage while in shipment. Oversized lead terminals are welded to the battery posts allowing the use of lead coated solid copper buss bars as the cell interconnects. Because the lead terminals are so large and heavy duty, they provide excellent conductivity and a strong connection point for the cell lifting strap. All these features mean fast and easy on-site assembly, great energy transfer and the ability to remove and replace individual 2 volt cells.

The purchase of these batteries also includes an installation and maintenance manual written for the end user, and also the manufacturerís written warranty. Solar-One batteries are warranted to deliver 2100 - 80% deep cycles and an estimated 4000 cycles at 50%, equaling more cycles and usable battery capacity. These offer a 10 year warranty - 7 year free replacement and 3 year prorated; these batteries have been in RE service for over 13 years, with a 99.8% track record in RE systems. These ship FREE to most commercial carriers with a dock anywhere in the lower 48 states (Ďon the beaten pathí).

The Solar-One positive grid is the heaviest in the industry, allowing for the maximum amount of active material in each plate and increasing capacity.  We have more specifications (and maintenance information) on these we can provide you regarding capacity and weight, so donít hesitate to contact us for additional information; e-mail us at info@oasismontana.com.

Solar-One HuP Battery Pricing
Model 12 Volt System
(6-2V cell array)
24 volt System
(12-2V cell array)
48 Volt System
(24-2V cell array)
SO-6-85-17 $2555 $5110 $10,220
SO-6-85-19 $2724 $5448 $10,896
SO-6-85-21 $2831 $5662 $11,324
SO-6-85-23 $3016 $6032 $12,064
SO-6-85-25 $3155 $6310 $12,620
SO-6-85-27 $3264 $6528 $13,056
SO-6-85-31 $3750 $7500 $15,000
SO-6-85-33 $3900 $7800 $15,600

Battery prices have gone up more than 60% in the past nine months, due to the skyrocketing prices of lead; while we endeavor to keep our prices as current as possible, they are subject to change without notice, so please call to verify pricing.

Model A/H 20 Hr rate Usable KWh(20 Hr rate) Dimensions per 12V array Weight per 12V array Electrolyte  per cell
    12V 24V 48V (LxWxH Inches)


SO-6-85-17 845 8.11 16.22 32.44 40 x 7.75 x 25 742 1.7
SO-6-85-19 950 9.12 18.24 36.48 40 x 8.25 x 25 808 1.9
SO-6-85-21 1055 10.1 20.16 40.32 40 x 8.75 x 25 880 2.1
SO-6-85-23 1160 11.13 22.27 44.54 40 x 9.00 x 25 959 2.4
SO-6-85-25 1270 12.2 24.4 48.8 40 x 10.25 x 25 1036 2.6
SO-6-85-27 1375 13.2 26.4 52.8 40 x 11.25 x 25 1102 2.8
SO-6-85-31 1585 15.2 30.4 60.8 40 x 12.75 x 25 1252 3.1
SO-6-85-33 1690 16.2 32.4 64.8 40 x 13.5 x 25 1336 3.3

NEW XANTREX XW Hybrid Inverter/Charger

The next generation inverter/charger for renewable energy systems, grid-tie and backup power applications. Folks, itís so new that the *pricing we have (below), is only preliminary--and may change upon product release (later this spring). These new models are capable of being grid-interactive or grid-independent, and can operate with generators and renewable energy sources to provide full-time or back-up power. Optional accessories are at the bottom of the page.

Xantrex XW Sine Wave Inverter Series Comparison Chart
Features XW 6048 120/240 XW4548 120/240 XW4024 120/240
Continuous power output  6000W 4500W 4000W
Surge rating (10 seconds)  1,000W 9000W 8000W
Idle consumption - search mode <8W <8W <8W
AC connections

AC1 (Grid), AC2 (Generator) 

AC output frequency

60.0 +/-0.1 Hz Total Harmonic Distortion
<5% Auto Transfer Relay 60A Typical Transfer Time 8 ms

Multiple unit configurations Up to three parallel units in 120/240 volt split-phase configuration
Max continuous charge rate 100A 85A 150A
Efficiency at max charge rate 89.4% 90.2% 85.8%
Non-volatile memory Yes Yes Yes
Shipping weight 132 lb. 122 lbs. 122 lbs.
Price $4500* $3600* $3200*

Other Xantrex XW components:

  • XW Power Distribution Panel $1500

  • XW Connection Kit for 2nd Inverter $850

  • XW Conduit Box $250

  • XW Solar Charge Controller $650

  • XW System Control Panel $300

  • XW Automatic Generator Start $200

For all the information on these exciting new inverters,
visit Xantrexís newest web page at www.xantrex.com/xw.

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Oasis Montana renewable energy newsletter for spring 2008

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