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Unisolar 64W Module, 64W, 3.88A, 53.8" x 29", 16.5V operating voltage

The STK-64 System will work as well on your RV as on the roof of your house.  Batteries are not included as they are generally standard on RVs.  The package includes a Uni-Solar 64W solar module (unbreakable amorphous technology with a 20 year output warranty), a controller to prevent battery overcharging, 30 feet of cable, flat (flush) mount structure, installation booklet, and all the hardware needed to wire the installation to your RV's battery (or to your in-house deep cycle battery).   The 64W module's output is 3.88 amps for every hour of full sun.

To add an additional 64W module (with the hardware and mount supplied for easy installation) costs $; the regulator with the STK-64 System will easily accommodate another one or two additional 64W modules.

Installation is relatively simple; 5 easy steps for RV installation:
1)  Fasten solar module to the roof using the mount structure
2)  Mount the controller on an inside wall near the refrigerator
3)  Run the electrical wire down behind the refrigerator via the roof vent
4)  Connect one end of the wire to the module, the other to the back of the controller
5)  Run another wire between the controller and the battery--or to your 12V DC fuse panel.
6)  Let the sun charge your battery!

A do-it-yourselfer can put this system together in an afternoon; or, if you're not technically inclined, most RV dealerships can do this for you.  These systems operate without care, becoming part of your vehicle's 12V system, keeping a charge on your battery without danger of overcharging.

Most solar modules are suitable for RV use; a handy-person who can come up with his/her own mount structure, wire and hardware can put a module or two on a trailer for the cost of the module(s) and regulator.  The only limit is the size of your trailer's roof!

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