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                                           PEERLESS-PREMIER GAS STOVES
Gas ranges may not exactly be alternate energy, but many of our customers cannot find a high quality gas stove that do not need a lot of power to operate.  Most new gas ovens have a "glow bar" that draws 300 to 400 watts of power the entire time the oven is on--quite a big battery drain!  This is a safety feature that makes certain the flame does not go out, and prevents the oven from being used in the event of a power outage.  If you don't want pilot lights burning, buy a range with spark (electronic) ignition (which only uses 2 watts for a few seconds).  With these kinds of stoves, pilots will light automatically if 120VAC is connected.  Without AC power, all burners and the oven can be lighted with a match--the old fashioned way!   These ranges ship from Belleville, IL; please allow four to six weeks for delivery.

20" Apartment Models
Model:  SAK 220W or N
-Electronic Ignition
-Deluxe Porcelain 8"
Decorative Backguard
-Bakeview Oven Door
  w/ Window and Light
-Lift Off Porcelain Top
-Plus Quality Features

30"  Standard Models
Model:  SFK 349W,N, or B
-Electronic Ignition
-Fifth Burner & Built-in Griddle
  with Porcelain Cover-Exclusive
-10" Backguard w/ Tempered                  Glass 
-Electronic Clock/Timer
-Bakeview Black Glass Oven Door with Window & Light
-Chrome Heat Reflector Trays-4

36" Deluxe Models
Model:  SLK 240W or N
-Electronic Ignition
-Electronic Clock & Timer
-Bakeview Porcelain Oven Door w/ Window & Light
-Side Storage Compartment
-Plus Quality Features
(add $15 for Continuous Cleaning Oven Feature)

24" Compact Models
Model:  SBK 240W or N
-Electronic Ignition
-10" Backguard w/ Tempered   Glass
-Electronic Clock/Timer
-Bakeview Oven Door w/ Window and Light
-Plus Quality Features

<Lifetime Guaranteed Top Burners                               <Baffled Oven Burner
<Recessed Porcelain Cooktop                                       <Silicone Oven Door Seals
<Universal Valves (easily converts to LP)                     <Removable Recessed Oven Bottom
<Heavy Duty Grids, Porcelain Finish                            <Fully Insulated--Blanket Type
<Push To Turn Blade Type Burner Knobs                    <Roll Out Drop Door Broiler
<Keep Warm 150 Oven Thermostat                            <Porcelain Smokeless Broiler Pan & Tray
<Permanent Markings on Control Panel Inlay               <Four Leg Levelers
<Lift Off Oven Door (except 20" models)                    <Rigid, Durable Construction, Designed to Last for Decades
<Color Co-ordinated Door Handles                              <30" and 36" Models Offer a Full 25" Wide Oven 
<Fifth Burner Option Includes Built-In Griddle

     Options include gas pilot or electronic (spark) ignition; sealed burners; continuous cleaning; solid oven door versus windowed oven door; black porcelain oven door.  For the backguard, options include 4" porcelain; 4" stainless steel; 8" porcelain w/ electronic clock; 10" tempered glass with electronic clock; 10" decorative glass; 10" decorative glass with battery clock/timer.  The 30" and 36" models offer griddle and 5th burner package; and the 36" model offers 4, 5 or 6 burners.  Colors available are white (no additional charge), black or almond ($20 additional).

     The more options you get, the more costly the unit becomes, but the reverse is true.  A 'plain Jane' version of the 30" unit, for example, white with four burners, electronic ignition, and 4" porcelain backguard is $
     We've got some nice pictures of these units; let us know the size you need (20", 24", 30" or 36") and we'll mail you additional information to help you ascertain what options best suit your kitchen.  White units are generally in stock, almond or black may take longer.  Call for your freight costs on these quality, long-lasting gas ranges!

  Oasis Montana Inc., toll-free 877-627-4768 or 4778; e-mail: info@oasismontana.com;
                             web: www.oasismontana.com; fax: 406-777-2632

New "COOL" Ideas - Full Size Propane Refrigeration with the CRYSTAL COLD!


Check out the current Crystal Cold propane refrigerators here.

We have additional jpgs and pictures we can send on the Crystal Cold units.  Call, write or e-mail us and we'll head them your way!

With built-in handles, grab it and go!  Looks like an ice chest; holds nine 6-packs with room to spare.  Convenient connection to small propane torch type gas cylinder, 12V cigarette lighter or 120V wall outlet.  Cords and gas connector supplied--no special tools or expertise needed.  Thermostat for temp control with gas or 120V power.  Tough, knock-about blue plastic cabinet.  Capacity: 1.65 cu.ft., size 17.75"Hx22.25"W x18.5"D; uses 2.4 to 2.7 lbs. of LP per week (.58 to .64 gallons).   freight   (Part # RC2000B)
Electrical usage: 100W @ 120V, 7A @ 12V; shipping weight 38 lbs.  Ships by UPS only.  Call for your shipping costs!  Made by Dometic, manufacturers  of Servel and other quality refrigeration products. One year warranty. 

Other LP Refrigerator Options
Servel Americana 400 Series, by Dometic, white or almond, 7.5 cu.ft. total capacity, well known for its dependability and longevity,   Runs on propane or 120VAC, available in whie or almond.  Call for more jpgs or pictures, 877-OASISMT.
 http://www.servelrefrigerators/servel.html  for more information.

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