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Alternate Energy Supply and Design

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      SUMMER 2000 Flier
Isn't it grand to have survived the Y2K non-event?  I confess, I stocked up on chicken feed and pet food….and the critters are still eating cheap!  We've been very busy at the Oasis, by helping customers increase their energy efficiency with the use of efficient appliances, by educating them to reduce their power requirements so that they can meet their needs with an alternate energy system, or to simply add to an existing system.  Let us know what you need;  we'd be happy to help with your project!  --Chris Daum at the Oasis

     THANK YOU for your interest in alternate energy and Oasis Montana Inc!  Whether you have a remote home, RV, ham radio, emergency back-up project, or are upgrading an existing  system, do not hesitate to call or e-mail us with your power needs; we'd be glad to specify a system sized for your unique power requirements.  We offer competitive pricing on a variety of components, and we also may know where to refer you for that obscure item you seek.
     If you haven't checked out our web page, you will always find the latest in component information and pricing at
www.oasismontana.com; we upgrade our site regularly, so keep returning!  For those of you who aren't "on line" or are beginning your project, we have an extremely informative 40 page Design Guide and 141 page Product Catalog for eight dollars--a boon to your energy library!  Products, system sizing, pricing, components, energy efficient and LP appliances, battery care, gas generators and wind turbines are just some of the topics covered.

Solar Pump System for Stock Watering
Stock water pumping and solar go hand in hand!  In summer, when you need the most water is when your pump operates at it fullest output.  These systems are batteryless--it's more cost-effective to pump water than store electricity--and you get more water with these types of systems than if you utilized batteries.  A typical system for a 100 ft. deep well would entail the following:

2 - 60 to 64 Watt Solar Modules
(20 to 25 year output warranty)
1 - Zomeworks Tracker for above modules, tracks the sun
from morning til evening, 10 year warranty.
1 - Shurflo Sub Pump, 9300 Series, averages 100 gallons per  hour in full sun, one year warranty.
1 - Solarjack PC10-30B Pump Controller, optimizes voltage  and pump output while protecting pump; one year
120 ft. of 10/2 Submersible Pump Wire
30 ft. of Sensor Wire for Float Switch
1 - Float Switch, shuts off pump in up position, placed in
stock tank.
1 - Silicon Oxide Varistor (surge protector), helps protect  against over-voltage conditions, lightning strikes.
1 - Heat Shrink Tubing Kit

The Shurflo 9300 Series DC Submersible Pump will, at the depth of 100 ft., provide about 100 gallons per hour of full sun.  Not included in this proposal are the 1/2" poly pipe, short wire runs, safety rope, miscellaneous fittings, ground rod, 2.5" pole and concrete base for mounting tracker. 

This basic system assumes that your stock tank and modules are within 20 to 30 ft. of the top of your well casing.  These Shurflo pumps will fit in a 4" or larger well casing; they generally last two to three years and are easily rebuildable.  They are a positive displacement three chamber diaphragm pump with a permanent magnet motor, and have a maximum lift of 230 feet; they can be submerged a maximum of 100 feet.  Strongly constructed but lightweight (6 lbs), these pumps accept a variety of jacketed cables, offer corrosion-proof housing with stainless steel fasteners and an internal bypass feature for pump protection.  They are suited for potable water well applications and have dry running capability without any pump damage.

Call for YOUR specific component requirements!

We've discovered a DATABASE OF STATE INCENTIVES FOR RENEWABLE ENERGY!  Find out what financial incentives may be available for your renewable energy project by looking for what your state offers at:  http://www-solar.mck.ncsu.edu/dsire.htm  Also, check with your local utility for rebates on the use of energy efficient appliances or lighting products.   Utilities are learning that it's always cost-effective to conserve energy--and less expensive for the consumer (and less costly to the environment) than building new power plants!

OTHER WEB SITES OF INTEREST:  for lists of top-rated, energy efficient appliances,
see http://aceee.org/consumerguide

Do you have frontage on a decent-sized creek or river?  This site contains valuable information for you in your pursuit of a micro-hydro system:
http://www.eren.doe.gov/consumerinfo/refbriefs/ab2.html     Other consumer energy information is also offered at this site.

Are you seeking financing opportunities for your alternate energy power system?  Check out  www.netbank.com; you can apply on line easily, and determine if you qualify.

Lastly, do you have any alternate energy components that you'd like to unload?  Perhaps used DC appliances, or an inverter?  FREE LISTING at
http://www.oasismt.com/usedsolar.html -- non-commercial only please !

Two or three persons can install one of these pump systems; some ranchers even move the systems around seasonally, to suit their pasture rotation practices.  The tracker does require a substantial base, including a 2.5" schedule 40 steel pole that is at least 48" but not exceeding 75" tall,  and at least 36" in the ground.  The pole should be mounted in a concrete base that's at least three times the diameter of the pipe.  If in doubt, consult a structural engineer.  I do know of one fellow, though, who mounted the tracker on a sturdy trailer, and moved it around from pasture to pasture.  The possibilities are many!

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