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Page 1:  Solar Electric grid-tie systems

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GREETINGS FROM OUR SOLAR POWERED OFFICE: After a very smoky summer, we are glad to get the cooler weather—and cleaner air—of autumn. Solar water pumping has really taken off for us this year, and we are happy to have provided water for families, irrigation, fisheries and livestock. Renewable energy systems are our focus, for remote homes, utility-tied residences, water pumping, RV, back-up or marine use. We offer complete systems to fit your project’s needs. If you want to do something to make your home or business ‘greener’ give us a call. We also offer a line of efficient electric and gas appliances to help keep a lid on your electric bill.
For those of you who aren’t “on line”, or are beginning your project, we have an extremely informative Product Catalog on disc for $10 ($18 out of country)—essential for your renewable energy library! Products, system sizing, pricing, components, importance of energy efficient appliances, battery care, and wind turbines are just some of the topics covered. If you are on-line, you can see example systems (costs, components and power output) at www.oasismontana.com/systems.html To assist your information input, we’ve tried to develop as much on-line information as we can. For solar water pumping, see www.PVsolarpumps.com; for utility-tied photovoltaic systems, visit www.grid-tie.com; for efficient AC appliances, DC ’fridges, coolers and freezers see www.eco-fridge.com; for natural and LP gas appliances, see www.LPappliances.com. Our main index page is www.oasismontana.com. We have a great deal of information on our web sites—please feel free to visit and stay a while!

Fronius IG and SMA Sunny Boy batteryless grid-tie solar inverters

Unlike most things in life, a batteryless grid-tie solar power system will pay for itself (and then some) in energy cost savings over its 20+ year expected life span. Current federal and state incentives can shorten this payback period even further (see www.dsireusa.org for details). Setting up one of these systems is very simple since the solar modules can be mounted on the roof of your home or, preferably, on a mount structure in your front/back yard with the grid-tie inverter mounted indoors or outdoors near your utility service entrance. Your solar array needs unobscured sunlight. Once the solar array is properly wired and connected to the inverter and the inverter is connected to your main AC breaker box, the system can be turned on and the solar array will begin feeding power to your home (assuming that the sun is still out!). This power will either be used directly by any 120/240 VAC loads that you have on at the time or, if the solar array is producing more power than your AC loads are using, the excess power is then sent back to the utility grid which turns your kilowatt-hour (kWh) meter backwards, reducing your monthly electric bill even further. The one drawback of this type of system is that for safety reasons it shuts down during a utility outage so you will be without power just like everyone else, since these types of grid-tie inverter systems do not offer battery back-up.

There are many different manufacturers of solar grid-tie inverters, but we lean towards the Fronius IG and SMA Sunny Boy lines due to their high efficiencies, built-in DC/AC disconnects, informative LCD displays/monitors and 10 year warranties. The Fronius units range in power output from 2,000 to 5,100 watts while the new Sunny Boy US series power range is from 3,000 to 7,000 watts (and, newer units will be available soon). The Sunny Boy inverters are slightly more efficient than the Fronius units, but the Fronius units weigh much less and have a more informative LCD display. All of the Sunny Boy new U.S. units can be used with 240 VAC single phase units or 3-phase AC power (208 or 277V) while only a couple of the Fronius IG units can be used in 208V 3-phase applications. Both manufacturers offer remote monitoring systems for their inverters so you can see how the system is performing from the comfort of your living room. The Sunny Beam allows you to keep tabs on up to 4 Sunny Boy inverters while the Fronius Personal Display will monitor up to 15 of their IG inverters. This usually isn’t a concern unless you plan to install a very large residential or commercial system with many inverters operating in parallel. To make a long story short, both SMA and Fronius make efficient and dependable solar grid-tie inverters that we are confident to quote to our customers. Please look over the two system quotes below and let us know if either of them would work for your residential or commercial application. And of course, we can design to whatever power system requirements you desire.

2.2 kW residential 240 VAC Fronius IG system:

Fronius solar grid-tie inverter solar electric power system12 Evergreen Spruce ES-190-RL 18V 190W solar modules
1 twelve module top-of-pole mount structure  (8” ID SCH80 steel pipe required)
1 50’ double ended Multi Contact (MC) cable assembly
1 Fronius IG 2000 240 VAC solar grid-tie inverter
1 Fronius personal display
1 Fronius wireless card (required for personal display usage)
Equipment total = $ Call us for current price

On average this system will produce ~8 kWh per day with 5 hours of full sun.

13.7 kW commercial 208 VAC SMA Sunny Boy system:

SMA Sunny Boy solar grid-tie inverter in 3-phase solar electric power system
72 Evergreen Spruce ES-190-RL 18V 190W solar modules
1 UniRac SunFrame flush mounting roof system
6 50’ double ended Multi Contact (MC) cable assemblies
2 SMA SB6000US 208 VAC 3-phase solar grid-tie inverters
1 Sunny Beam Monitor
2 Sunny Beam Antennas
Equipment total = $ Call us for your current price

On average this system will produce ~48 kWh per day with 5 hours of full sun. 

The small print: while we try and hold the line on prices, they are subject to change without notice.  System costs do not include freight or installation.

 “If we all knew what we were doing, it wouldn’t be called research.” --Albert Einstein


November 2007 Newsletter Navigation 
Page 1:  Solar Electric grid-tie systems
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