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Renewable Energy Components
Oasis Fall 2005 Newsletter

Archived newsletter - Call for current pricing!

The PV industry is still hurting for modules….
Europe’s financial incentives are continuing to draw the bulk of manufacturer’s output—and the worldwide shortage of silicon (expected to continue until 2007) is also negatively affecting supplies. But at least there’s a trickle in the pipeline. If you are considering a solar project, lead times are two to six months...or longer (see article, below, ‘Big Demand for Solar Energy’). And for information about the solar tax credit, see www.seia.org


Solar Panel Pricing (call for quantity pricing) 

Isofoton I-150S, 150W, 4.35A, 34.6V (41.22” x 48.18” x 1.55”)  
Sanyo HIT-190BA2, 190W, 3.47A, 54.8V (51.97” x 35.22”)   
Sharp ND-208U1, 208W, 7.19A, 28.9V (64.6” x 39.1”)   
ND-167U3AW, 167W, 4.79A, 34.6V (62.05” x 32.44”)   
ND-L3E1U, 123W, 7.16A, 17.2V (59.06” x 26.08”)   
ND-80EJE 80W, 4.67A, 17.1V (47.28” x 20.88”)   
Shell Solar (140, 165 and 175s are tentatively in the pipeline)   
BP Solar—availability is very tenuous  
Kyocera KC190GT 190W, 7.28A, 26.1V (56.2” x 39”)   
KC170GT 170W, 7.27A, 23.4V (50.8” x 39”)   
KC125GT 125W, 7.2A, 17.4V (56.1” x 25.7”)   
KC85T 85W, 4.75A, 17.9V (39.6” x 25.7”)   
KC65T 65W, 3.64A, 17.9V (29.6” x 25.7”)   
KC55T 55W, 3.08A, 17.9V (25.2” x 25.7”)   
KC40T 40W, 2.24A, 17.9V (20.7” x 25.7”)   

Other modules occasionally available (GE, Kaneka, various OEM models). Call for info.

Regarding MOUNT STRUCTURES for solar modules--
We offer a variety of styles to suit your project, including A-frame roof or ground mounts, top and side of pole mounts, flush mounts, tilt mounts, RV racks, as well as Zomeworks or Wattsun Trackers.  Email or call for your cost and freight 406-777-4309 or 4321.


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Controllers and Regulators

Controllers and regulators are essential for complete battery charging while preventing overcharging. Sizing a controller is based on the input amperage and voltage of the solar array. We offer other controllers too; call for the most suitable charger for your project, availability and current pricing.


MorningStar Charge Controllers:
(5 year warranty)
Sunsaver 6 (handles up to 6.5A)    
Sunsaver 6 with low voltage disconnect option (handles up to 6.5A)  
Sunsaver 10 (handles up to 10A)   
Sunsaver 10 with LVD option, (handles up to 10A) 
also available in 24V
Sunsaver 20LVD, 24V   
Prostar PS15   
Prostar  PS15M (with meter)   
Prostar  PS 30   
Prostar PS 30M   
Tristar Charge Controller, 60A, 12 to 48V, multiple settings & screens  
Tristar Digital Meter for their 45A or 60A charge controller   

Xantrex (formerly Trace Engineering) Charge Controllers:
Two year warranty)

Xantrex C-40 (handles up to 40A) for 12, 24 or 48V systems   
Xantrex CM (digital volt meter for C-40 and C-60)   
Xantrex C-60 (handles up to 60A @ 12 or 24V)   
Outback Power MX60 Controller (MPPT, 60A with varying voltage input)  

We can provide most brands of solar charge controllers, from Blue Sky Energy (formerly RV Power Products) to Specialty Concepts. Call us for availability and your pricing.


Big demand for solar energy runs up against finite panel supply 

Global demand for photovoltaic modules is causing months-long delays and price hikes for would-be buyers in the U.S. American suppliers blame a weak dollar, shortages of raw materials, and swelling demand both at home and abroad. The worldwide solar-power market has grown about 40 percent annually in the last five years -- driven largely by Germany, where an incentive program allows businesses and individuals to sell excess solar-generated electricity back to utilities at a premium rate. Germany consumes 39 percent of the available solar module supply, followed by Japan at 30 percent. The U.S. is a distant third with 9 percent of the market, but new incentives like California's pending Million Solar Roofs plan and a federal tax credit of up to $2,000 (starts 1/1/06) in the newly-signed energy bill are expected to spike domestic demand. Says solar sales director Matt Lugar of Sharp Electronics, the supply problems are "a natural evolution in any industry that's exploding." For the entire article, see www.nytimes.com/2005/08/05/national/05solar.html and for information about the solar tax credit, and what it can mean for you, see www.seia.org

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Wind Generators

Bergey See their web page at www.bergey.com; call us for your discounts above and beyond their pricing.


Air X  New Air X Land Wind Generator, 12 & 24V 
New Air X Marine Wind Generator, 12 & 24V  

Air X models are New & Improved—and Quieter—than the old style Air 403s.
See http://www.air403windgenerators.com/air_403.html
for additional information, basic wiring, FAQs, etc. 


Outback Power Components Pricing

Inverters Sealed inverters: FX2012T, 2524T, 3048T   
Vented inverters: VFX2812, 3524, 3648  

Grid-tie, mobile, marine and export versions available on most of these inverters.


System Controller MATE system display & controller   
Communications Manager HUB-4 
Misc. Components PSPV Combiner Box   
PSX240 Transformer   
Charge Controller  MX60 MPPT  

There are way more Outback Power products than we have room to list….call or e-mail for more information. info@oasismontana.com or visit their web page at www.outbackpower.com 

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LP - Propane Gas Refrigerators and Freezers

8 cu.ft. Servel LP Refrigerator/Freezer   
12 cu.ft. Crystal Cold Refrigerator/Freezer   
12 cu.ft. Crystal Cold Refrigerator/Freezer   
15 cu.ft. Crystal Cold Refrigerator/Freezer   
18 cu.ft. Crystal Cold Refrigerator/Freezer   
18 cu.ft. Crystal Cold Refrigerator/Freezer black w/Stainless Doors  
8.5 cu.ft. Frostek 240 LP Chest Freezer   
6 cu.ft. Frostek 160 Freezer (for HOT climates)   
15 cu. Ft. Crystal Cold Freezer (upright)   

We also offer the Peerless-Premier line of gas ranges (works on natural or LP gas), available in 20, 24, 30 and 36” wide models; several options and colors (white, black, almond and the very popular stainless steel) available. For more information on all our gas products see www.LPappliances.com ...click on the proper link, or call or e-mail us and we’ll mail you color spec sheets—be sure to provide your mailing address. Also available: NEW DROP-IN COOKTOPS for your countertops, and 24” GAS WALL OVEN — see www.LPappliances.com for the latest product information.

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