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Oasis Montana Renewable Energy Newsletter July 2002 page 4



ENGEL 12V AC/DC freezers
—a legend in reliability!

The Engel compressor was invented in Germany 39 years ago and has since been perfected in Japan by the Sawafuji Electric Company. The famous Engel compressors are now even quieter and more efficient than their predecessors. All units come with a one year manufacturer’s warranty. To date over three million units have been sold world-wide. Six models are available that offer 15 quart to 65 quart capacity. See www.eco-fridge.com/engel.html for information about other makes and models. These tough units are well suited for campers, RVers, hunters, and marine use.

Here’s the specifications on the Engel 45, pictured to the left. Volume: 45 quarts (holds 60 twelve ounce cans); power consumption at 12V, 0.7 – 2.5A (refrigerator mode, minimum; freezer mode, maximum); inside dimensions 15.4" x 10.8" x 16"; outside dimensions, 25.5" x 14.3" x 20"; weight, 53 lbs.; freezing ability from 40° to 0°F; shipping dimensions 29" x 17" x 23" (all dimensions are L x W x H). Shipping weight: 60 lbs. 



Chris Daum, owner and manager of Oasis Montana, has been in the renewable energy field for 13 years, and Dan Healy, systems engineer, has been in RE system design and installation for 7 years. Our staff offers experience, personalized service, quality components and excellent pricing . TO PLACE AN ORDER: E-mail or call us for your freight ; if you have any questions about your system or product, please contact us. E-mail is easiest and fastest (but we know that you aren’t all "on line"!). We accept Visa/Mastercard (personal checks are fine). Our hours are 8:30 am to 4:00 pm Mountain Standard Time, Mon. – Fri. If we‘re on another line when you call, please leave us a clear message, and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can. We don’t have a voice mail system (we hate them!), but you may have to leave a message if we’re with a customer or on the other lines. 406-777-4321 or 4309 or e-mail at info@oasismontana.com

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Peerless Premier stainless steel gas stoves

Our customers are thrilled with the Peerless Premier 36" stainless gas range! "Great looks...a pleasure to use….brightens up the kitchen" are just a few of the comments about these ranges. Also available in 24" and 30"; for more information see http://www.LPappliances.com



WIND POWER IN MONTANA (Framingham, MA, 5/1/02, reprinted from Solar Access.com) Executive VP of Ameresco Inc., Doug Barba, has announced that over nine months of research at their wind energy site in Cut Bank, Montana, has confirmed the commercial viability of a major wind installation there. "It’s better than we thought in terms of velocity and consistency. We also found that our site will generate power at the time that Montanans need it the most. We have the best wind during daylight hours in the coldest months," Barba said. "This will justify an investment of over $150,000,000 in a Montana wind project by our company."

Ameresco, the 99% owner of Montana Wind Harness, is evaluating the wind potential of other sites in Montana. The evaluation process involves erecting 150 ft. towers with anemometers at each site; these instruments give cumulative data about the wind speed, direction and duration.

Montana Wind Harness has a contract with Northwestern Energy (formerly Montana Power Company) to develop 150 MW of wind power in three major sites in Montana. Said Barba, "European countries committed to wind power in a major way about 20 years ago. Over the years, they have pushed the technology from small machines to the graceful giants that we are installing here in Montana. Wind has now become the fastest growing energy segment in Europe."

"This will justify an investment of over $150,000,000 in a Montana wind project by our company."

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