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Oasis Montana Renewable Energy Newsletter July 2002 page 1

Summer 2002 Flier
Well, folks, we know this should have been a ‘spring’ flier, but as usual we’ve just been so darn busy! 

And we have a new employee to introduce — Dan Healy.  
He really IS a rocket scientist…. 

We also have more new products, including utility-tie inverters, charge controllers, and some gorgeous stainless steel gas ranges. You can always view our latest information on the web, so don’t hesitate to log on and learn even more.

THANK YOU for your interest in renewable energy and Oasis Montana Inc! We are here to help power your remote home, provide back-up power for emergencies, provide utility-tie components. We also offer a line of efficient and gas appliances to help keep a lid on your electric bill.

For those of you who aren’t "on line" or are beginning your project, we have an extremely informative 40 page Design Guide and 141 page Product Catalog for ten dollars ($18 out of country)—essential for your energy library! Products, system sizing, pricing, components, energy efficient and LP appliances, battery care, gas generators and wind turbines are just some of the topics covered. For sample systems see http://www.oasismontana.com/systems.html

We have several new web sites for you to peruse at your convenience. For efficient appliances (including portable coolers, freezers and DC ‘fridges), see www.eco-fridge.com; for solar modules, www.PVsolarmodules.com; for our gas appliance offerings, check out

www.LPappliances.com—which includes gas refrigerators, ranges and freezers. Our main index page is www.oasismontana.com/PV_index.html — which offers information on inverters, batteries, wind generators, and pretty much all of the goods we offer. There’s a great deal of information on our web site—please feel free to utilize it.

As to the current politics, if you want to fight terrorism and increase national security, USE LESS GAS and reduce our dependency upon foreign oil. Encourage your congresspersons and senators to promote legislation that will offer efficient vehicles and promote renewable technologies. We don’t need to be shoved into tiny cars, or live in the dark, but we do need to use our resources wisely for the good of our children and planet.

Chris Daum
Oasis Montana


The world’s most popular small wind generator just got better! Formerly known as the Air 403, the new generation of this wind genny is now the Air X, a continuing evolution in wind turbine design. The Air X is the first small wind turbine with a micro-processor. It continuously adjusts the alternator to maximize performance and battery charging and minimize noise.

The new Air X incorporates ‘peak power tracking’, meaning it will produce electricity at half the RPM of the older model—making more electricity for your batteries.

As the battery approaches charge state, the Air X’s controller will momentarily stop charging to determine the battery voltage. Charging stops automatically when the batteries have reached their charging set point.

QUIET OPERATION: No more flutter or shudder in high winds; the Air X can control the RPM to prevent noise in high winds—operating quietly at all wind speeds. This will likely be a good addition to your battery charging scheme. For more information see http://www.air403windgenerators.com/air_403.html


Here’s Dan Healy’s history and information, straight from him:


I was born and raised in Florida, but don't hold that against me….
In 1990 I got my B.S. in Aerospace Engineering from the University of Florida (Go Gators!) where I met my bride-to-be Patti. My first job after graduating was as a systems engineer for Lockheed at the Kennedy Space Center where I worked on the orbital maneuvering system of the space shuttle fleet. I got to see a lot of shuttle launches up close which was very cool. After nearly 3 years with Lockheed, Patti and I got the itch to move west so we moved to Denver, CO, where Patti had a job opportunity. After only two years in Denver, we knew it wasn't the place for us (too crowded) so we moved to Hamilton, MT, where I worked at Sunelco (with Chris Daum) as a sales and systems engineer for over 7 years. During that time Patti and I settled down and bought our first home and we now have three sons, Eric 6 and Alex 3, with our third son, Brian, being newborn on 6/17. We love living in western Montana's Bitterroot Valley and look forward to raising our family and growing old here.

Many people ask me why I went from working on the space shuttle fleet in Florida to designing and selling PV systems for a small company in Montana. Well, the renewable energy bug bit me pretty hard shortly after I started working for Lockheed and there was no going back. After work I would hang out at the Florida Solar Energy Center library and read all that I could on the subject of renewable energy. I attended several workshops, fairs and conferences on renewable energy in the hopes of getting a job in the industry. Working at Sunelco for over 7 years has taught me a lot about how to properly design and install a code compliant solar or wind system. There are always new and exciting products and developments occurring in this industry and I enjoy trying to stay on top of them. This ever changing industry keeps you on your toes and challenges you to keep learning which is what life is all about. To that end, I am studying to get my professional engineering (PE) license which will hopefully sharpen my engineering skills and allow me to better serve others. Now that Chris Daum and I have teamed up again at Oasis Montana, I hope that my engineering experience and passion for renewable energy will prove helpful to her and all of you. If you’d like to discuss your project, please give me a call at 877-627-4768 or 4778,

Current Summer 2002 Newsletter

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