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Oasis Montana Renewable Energy Newsletter July 2002 page 2

The Majority of this old pricing page has been removed.

the "main brain" of medium to larger power systems

 Inverters change the DC power from your batteries to high voltage AC power as needed. Most inverters produce 120VAC; for 240VAC loads, the larger units can be "stacked", or a transformer may be used to change the 120 to 240VAC.  To size what inverter best suits your needs, you need to ascertain what your total peak loads are, and also factor in any starting surge that must be covered.


Wind Generators

Bergey pricing: see their web page at http://www.bergey.com; call for your discounts above and beyond their pricing.

Gas Refrigerators/Freezers 

8 cu.ft. Servel LP Refrigerator/Freezer
10 cu.ft. Crystal Cold Refrigerator/Freezer
15 cu.ft. Crystal Cold Refrigerator/Freezer
18 cu.ft. Crystal Cold Refrigerator/Freezer

Blizzard gas freezers

Gas Kitchen Ranges

We also offer the Peerless-Premier line of gas ranges (works on natural or LP gas), available in 20, 24, 30 and 36" wide models; several options and colors (white, black, almond and the very popular stainless steel) available. For more information on all our gas products see http://www.LPappliances.com ...click on the proper link, or call or e-mail us and we’ll mail you color spec sheets—be sure to provide us with your mailing address.

Current Summer 2002 Newsletter

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