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Here we show a complete listing of the gas refrigerators, freezers, coolers and stoves that we offer. There is also a very informative page about the gas absorption cooling process, or "how to cool using heat" that is of interest to you tekkies out there (you know who you are!).  And there's a new LP freezer available, designed for use in HOT (110F+) climates--and is still remarkably efficient in fuel consumption: The Frostek 160G.  Enjoy your cold beer beyond the power lines with these units!

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Two or three persons can install one of these pump systems; some ranchers even move the systems around seasonally, to suit their pasture rotation practices.  The tracker does require a substantial base, including a 2.5" schedule 40 steel pole that is at least 48" but not exceeding 75" tall,  and at least 36" in the ground.  The pole should be mounted in a concrete base that's at least three times the diameter of the pipe.  If in doubt, consult a structural engineer.  I do know of one fellow, though, who mounted the tracker on a sturdy trailer, and moved it around from pasture to pasture.  The possibilities are many!

Solar Pump System for Stock Watering
Stock water pumping and solar go hand in hand!  In summer, when you need the most water is when your pump operates at it fullest output.  These systems are batteryless--it's more cost-effective to pump water than store electricity--and you get more water with these types of systems than if you utilized batteries.  A typical system for a 100 ft. deep well would entail the following:

2 - 60 to 64 Watt Solar Modules
(20 to 25 year output warranty)
1 - Zomeworks Tracker for above modules, tracks the sun
from morning til evening, 10 year warranty.
1 - Shurflo Sub Pump, 9300 Series, averages 100 gallons per  hour in full sun, one year warranty.
1 - Solarjack PC10-30B Pump Controller, optimizes voltage  and pump output while protecting pump; one year
120 ft. of 10/2 Submersible Pump Wire
30 ft. of Sensor Wire for Float Switch
1 - Float Switch, shuts off pump in up position, placed in
stock tank.
1 - Silicon Oxide Varistor (surge protector), helps protect  against over-voltage conditions, lightning strikes.
1 - Heat Shrink Tubing Kit

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