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TWENTY FIVE YEARS! Oasis Montana got its official start in January of 1999, with the desire to provide good service and quality solar components (and also a line of efficient appliances). Wow, it’s been a good ride and gone by pretty fast. We have survived ups and downs, personnel changes, and other suppliers and distributors coming and going. But we’re still here, and looking to the sunny future. We thank all of our good customers who have helped us along the way – from Hawaii to Maine, from the Yukon to Belize, from Ireland to Mumbai to Okinawa – we couldn’t have done it without you!


Church Solar Power System in Colorado

Sol-Ark inverters and Simpliphi batteries.

Congratulations to the First Congregational Church of Greeley, Colorado, for their non-profit solar project! Oasis Montana is proud to be a partner in supplying the inverters (six 15KW Sol-Arks) and batteries (twelve SimpliPhi 48V 4.9KW LFPs) for this development. If you have a possible solar endeavor for non-tax paying entities like your school, other local government or tribal buildings, HOA, non-profit organization or church, there are considerable grants, federal direct payments in lieu of tax credits, and other financing opportunities available. Visit https://russdoty.substack.com for additional information.

LITHIUM LITHIUM LITHIUM batteries are on people’s minds…

But if you have older inverters and controllers, stop and think before you make the investment in the new lithium technologies. The charging parameters for LFP (lithium ferric phosphate or LiFePO4) technologies are considerably different from FLA (flooded lead acid) batteries, or AGMs (absorbed glass matt) or gel batteries. A single overcharging just might kill a very substantial battery investment! While we are offering LFP batteries for off-grid use, we are generally specifying newer charging technologies to go along with them. Trying to get LFP batteries to work with your 10 or 15 year old inverter system might be a very bad idea.

Lithium batteries allow the greatest number of charge/discharge cycles, so while their initial cost may be greater, their longer life often gives them a better dollar-per-cycle advantage. They have other advantages too; lighter, no maintenance, safe, and improved charging efficiency. Most of these batteries should last 8 – 10 years or longer; it’s extremely important (to prevent poor performance) that you avoid extreme overcharging or your batteries will not last as long as they could. LFP batteries are also more cold sensitive and are not recommended for extremely cold climates (unless you have a heated space for them). Some LFP batteries come with their own heating technology. And keeping it within 20% to 80% of its state of charge (SOC) is recommended to prolong its life. And, the most common causes of premature failure are overcharging and over-discharging. Even if done only once, it can permanently damage the battery – and is not covered by warranty.

Most LFP batteries come with a BMS – battery maintenance system. This keeps the cells properly balanced and helps you know where it’s at as far as charging parameters. Not all LFPs come with a BMS but its addition is just a good idea – it keeps your battery from being drawn down too much or overcharged.

We are still selling flooded lead-acid batteries for on-grid storage and off-grid use; call us if you want to talk about all options for your back-up power needs; also, there’s more information at www.oasismontana.com/batteries.html -- and for a devastating amount of battery technology information, visit https://batteryuniversity.com/.

Rolls FLA S6 L16-HC 6V 445ah @C20 $455

LFP battery 100aH 48V $2100

SOME REMOTE CABIN OWNERSSolar power anspower storage for remote cabins aren’t interested in the investment or maintenance of a solar power system; instead they rely on propane and/or wood for heating and cooking – and some folks rely on propane for refrigeration too. Oftimes these off-grid properties are only used for a few weeks or months of the year (hunting season!) and remain unoccupied otherwise. For these customers, a gas range that uses no AC power or a refrigerator that uses no power may be the popular choice. We’ve sold a lot of appliances for these people, and you can view propane stove options (that run off of a little battery pack) at http://www.lpappliances.com/DCStoves.html and for gas refrigeration, http://www.lpappliances.com/CrystalCold.html.

We also offer a range of efficient AC and DC refrigeration; visit www.eco-fridge.com for more information. And if you are having septic issues or are not allowed to install a drainfield, we also offer composting toilets at www.eco-potty.com. We want our remote customers to live as comfortably as possible. And, in general, we have access to many types of appliances, including dishwashers, wall ovens, under-counter fridges and freezers, ADA compliant products, microwaves, outdoor kitchens & refrigerators, wine storage units, icemakers, compact washer/dryers, cooktops, range hoods…let us know what you seek! 406-777-4309 or e-mail at info@oasismontana.com.

Gas kitchen stove

Energy star
stainless steel refrigerator


Counter top gas stove

Stainless steel gas stove

Stainless steel
gas refrigerator


DC chest freezer

Renewable Energy + news bytes

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Wind power – basic information

If you live in a windy environment, adding a wind turbine to your power system or as a grid-tie component might be a cost-effective addition to your business or homestead. Wind power works best where the wind is generally a real nuisance…where average wind speeds are at least 10 – 12 MPH, preferably greater, and consistent. People often say, “Well, a nice breeze comes up when the sun goes down”. But these are wind turbines, not breeze turbines! You can find some basic wind data here at https://windexchange.energy.gov/maps-data and additional information on our site at http://www.oasismontana.com/wind. You might also consult local airports as they are generally cognizant of average wind speeds. There are incentives available for helping finance the project; the Inflation Reduction Act, and for folks in rural areas (for ranchers, farms and small businesses), REAP grants can help make a big difference in your cash outlay; for more information visit:
https://www.rd.usda.gov/programs-services/energy-programs/rural-energy-america-program-renewable-energy-systems-energy-efficiency-improvement-guaranteed-loans. Also visit www.dsireusa.org for state specific incentives.

And here’s some additional information: small wind guidebook https://cleantechnica.com/2024/01/15/small-wind-guidebook With rising energy costs and good incentives, wind power may be a positive choice to reduce your energy bills and offer available standby power when needed. And in addition to the 30% federal tax credit, there’s an additional 10% credit if your product is made in the USA.

If you think you have a good site for a wind turbine, give us a call and we’ll see what we can do to help get the bird off the ground! 406-777-4309 or e-mail us at info@oasismontana.com

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Importance of insects

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Visit us on the web for product and project information!
For grid-tied power systems, www.grid-tie.com
Solar water pumping:  www.PVsolarpumps.com
Non-electric gas appliances, www.LPappliances.com
Efficient and DC appliances, www.eco-fridge.com
Composting toilets, www.eco-potty.com
And our main page at www.oasismontana.com