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Oasis Montana Fall 2006 Newsletter
Intro and Index page

Greetings from our solar-powered office! CLEAN SUSTAINABLE RENEWABLE POWER SYSTEMS: that’s our focus, for remote homes, utility-tied residences, water pumping, telecommunications, RV or marine use. We offer complete systems to fit your project’s needs. If you want to do something to make your home or business ‘greener’ give us a call. We also offer a line of efficient electric and gas appliances to help keep a lid on your electric bill.

For those of you who aren’t “on line”, or are beginning your project, we have an extremely informative Product Catalog on disc for $10 ($18 out of country)—essential for your energy library! Products, system sizing, pricing, batteries, inverter options, and wind turbines are just some of the topics covered. If you are on-line, you can see example systems (costs, components and power output) at www.oasismontana.com/systems.html

To assist your information input, we’ve tried to develop as much on-line information as we can. For information on solar water pumping, see www.PVsolarpumps.com; for utility-tied photovoltaic systems, with and without batteries, see www.grid-tie.com; for efficient AC appliances, DC ’fridges, coolers and freezers see www.eco-fridge.com; for natural and propane gas appliances, check out www.LPappliances.com. Our main index page is www.oasismontana.com. We have a great deal of information on our web sites—please feel free to visit and stay a while.

And since this IS our fall flier, have a safe and happy holiday season!

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We currently have Sharp 123EJE solar modules (with junction box) in stock and ready to ship. Call for pricing.

Sale:  save $100 on CrystalCold gas refrigerators and Blizzard gas freezers if ordered by Nov.29th.

Page1: Available RE (Renewable Energy) system incentives and rebates

Page2: RE component pricing (as of 10/06)
Solar panels
Controllers & regulators
New Skystream 3.7 wind generator from Southwest Windpower
More wind generators
LP & Natural Gas refrigerators, freezers and stoves
Outback Power components

Page 3: Freezers and stocking stuffers
Blizzard gas freezers made with pride by the Amish in the midwest
Kill-A-Watt meter, get a handle on how much energy your appliances are using
Hand cranked flashlights - never need batteries, stow one in your car now
Uni-Solar 5 & 11 watt modules

Page 4: RE news bites and Quotable Quotes
RE news bites
Quotable quotes

Page 5:
Who is Oasis Montana? and ordering information

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