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Oasis Montana winter - spring flier 2004 Pricing

Solar panel pricing * Outback Inverters * Wind generators
Controllers & regulators * gas refrigerators 


Please visit our current solar module page by clicking here.


Regarding MOUNT STRUCTURES for solar modules--
We offer a variety of styles to suit your project including A-frame roof or ground mounts, top & side of pole mounts, flush mounts, tilt mounts, RV racks, as well as Zomeworks or Wattsun trackers.  Email or call for your cost and freight 1-406-777-4309 or 4321.


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Wind Generators

* Bergey pricing: see their web page at www.bergey.com; call us for your discounts above and beyond their pricing.

* NEW Air X Land Wind Generator, 12, 24 & 48V

* New Air X Marine Wind Generator, 12, 24, & 48V
(Air X models are New & Improved—and Quieter—than the old style Air 403s)

* 27 ft. guyed tower kit

See http://www.air403windgenerators.com/air_403.html
for additional information, basic wiring, FAQs, etc.


Outback Power Components Pricing 

We are finding that the Outback Power folks have built excellent power components with the latest technology, designed to be more user-friendly and reliable, making operation, installation and maintenance easy!

Dual VFX3524 Outback System

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Call 877-627-4778 or email us for the current pricing an any featured items listed within.


Now you can have 5.6-7.2 kW of dependable, super clean 120/240 VAC sine wave power without paying a small fortune for it. The new dual VFX sine wave inverters and smaller PS2 AC & DC disconnects from Outback Power Systems make it all possible. For not much more than the price of a single 120 VAC 4 kw inverter power panel from other manufacturers, you get a much more powerful, versatile and user friendly system from Outback. Their vented VFX sine wave inverters are available with 12, 24 or 48 VDC input and can be easily programmed to operate in series or parallel via the MATE system monitor/controller. The system shown here features two VFX3524 3.5 kW 24 VDC inverters, a PS2DC-250 DC disconnect, a PS2AC-50D AC disconnect/bypass/breaker box, a PS2MP mounting plate, MX60 solar charge controller, MATE system controller/display, a HUB-4 communication manager and 3 remote temperature sensors. Call for more details and pricing on this system or any of Outback’s other exciting products.


Inverter model Watts, Volts
FX2024 2,000W, 48V
FX2548 2,500W, 48V
VFX3524 3,500W, 24V
VFX3648 3,600W, 48V
VFX2812 2,800W, 12V
FXA adapter kit
PSPV combiner box
OBPV-15 breaker
(15A input breaker for PSPV
PSSB combiner box (for SunnyBoy inverters)
There are way more Outback Power products than we have room to list….call 1-406-777-4309 or 4321 or e-mail for more information.



Controllers and regulators are essential for complete battery charging while preventing overcharging. Sizing a controller is based on the input amperage and voltage of the solar array. We offer other controllers too; call for the most suitable charger for your project, availability and current pricing.


Gas Refrigerators/Freezers: 
call for your current pricing
8 cu.ft. Servel LP Refrigerator/Freezer
12 cu.ft. Crystal Cold Refrigerator/Freezer
15 cu.ft. Crystal Cold Refrigerator/Freezer
18 cu.ft. Crystal Cold Refrigerator/Freezer
7.5 cu.ft. Frostek 240 LP Chest Freezer
6 cu.ft. Frostek 160 Freezer (for HOT climates)
15 cu. Ft. Crystal Cold Freezer (upright)

We also offer the Peerless-Premier line of gas ranges (works on natural or LP gas), available in 20, 24, 30 and 36” wide models; several options and colors (white, black, almond and the very popular stainless steel) available. For more information on all our gas products see http://www.LPappliances.com ...click on the proper link, or call or e-mail us and we’ll mail you color spec sheets—be sure to provide your mailing address. 

Also available: NEW DROP-IN COOKTOPS for your countertops,  — see http://www.LPappliances.com for the latest product information.

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