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TWENTY FIVE YEARS! Oasis Montana got its official start in January of 1999, with the desire to provide good service and quality solar components (and also a line of efficient appliances). Wow, it’s been a good ride and gone by pretty fast. We have survived ups and downs, personnel changes, and other suppliers and distributors coming and going. But we’re still here, and looking to the sunny future. We thank all of our good customers who have helped us along the way – from Hawaii to Maine, from the Yukon to Belize, from Ireland to Mumbai to Okinawa – we couldn’t have done it without you!


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More battery options available.  Here’s the latest. 
(op-ed by Larry Keogh)

Pytes Battery and BIG Battery provide the benefits of an Energy Storage System tailored to your needs. I recently installed an equivalent 480Ahr FLA (flooded lead-acid) battery with a Pytes LFP Battery that measured 16”H, 29”L, 21”W. This “battery” comes in a nice looking frame and weighs in at just over 300# (that is, three 100 lb. batteries). These can be stored in a dwelling, don’t outgas like flooded lead-acid batteries, and have a Battery Management System (BMS) that does all the thinking for you.  Imagine reducing the footprint of your existing battery, and removing your exercised diligence in monitoring your system.         

Stack of three Pytes batteries

Stack of 3 PYTES

Rhino Big Battery

BIG Battery "Rhino"

While the dollar amount for initial purchase is slightly more for the LiFePo4 batteries, the cost per day of use (cycle) is about 70% less than flooded-lead acid batteries – so, cheaper in the long run.

Pytes Battery and Big Battery are both LiFePo4 batteries that have similar characteristics. They both have high thermal crossover points; these are the safest battery to have in a structure (home, garage, equipment shed…), are light weight and can be mounted on a cart to move them around. These are the latest evolution in energy storage, and they have a sleek, modern look. These offer a complete system that is remarkably affordable and one that will outperform FLA’s with increased depth of discharge plus a warranty of over 6000 cycles. When it’s time to update your energy storage system, or if you have questions, give us a call to see if we have a viable solution in replacing your FLA’s with LiFePo4 Batteries. 406-777-4321.


 Sale on propane or natural gas stoveNo power is no problem! This classic Hotpoint model # RGBS200DMWW comes set up for natural gas, but everything’s included if you want to convert it for propane use. $699 plus shipping until March 1st, 2024.

Dimensions 44.75”H x 30”W x 28.75D, this (white only) model has four sealed burners with BTU ranging from 5000, 9500 and 12,500. Cooktop burner grates are heavy steel and broiler drawer drops down and slides out. A 9V battery provides for its electronic ignition. Need more information? Call or e-mail info@oasismontana.com. This sale pricing good through March 1st.


Narrow stainless steel, energy star refrigerator

Beautiful Energy Star rated 11 cu.ft. refrigerator, model FFBF235PL; slim 24” footprint with fingerprint-resistant steel door finish; frost-free. Sale price: $899 plus shipping until March 1st. Dimensions: 72.5”H x 23.5”W x 23.25”D (25.75” with handle). Uses just over one kwh per day and offers bottom mount freezer, adjustable glass shelves. Doors may be rehung on either side, but specify when ordering. Need more information? We have it! Call or e-mail us, info@oasismontana.com

How about a 110-120VAC wall oven? No special wiring needed for this attractive 35” x 24” x 24.5”D electric wall oven; model #TEM715DK will look great in your new or remodeled kitchen; $849 plus shipping.

Need more information – just let us know! info@oasismontana.com

wall oven

We are dealers for several appliance distributors and manufacturers, so if you are looking for something specific, let us know and we will try and find what you seek. While our main goal is to offer Energy Star refrigerators, we can deliver many other possibilities. ADA compliant? No problem. Wall ovens? Microwaves? Wine refrigerators? Beer kegerators? Range hoods…icemakers…under-counter refrigerators…cooktops…minibars…? We have access to many, many kinds of appliances. Just let us know – info@oasismontana.com

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New pole mounted solar modules in California from Oasis Montana Inc

Our customer in Northern California, Todd C. (a retired solar installer), replaced his twelve nearly dead, ancient Shell 80W solar modules with four 370W modules, on the same mounting rack, and let’s just say he’s quite pleased with the result!  And these newer modules were considerably more cost-effective than his old ones.

Check your old module output – perhaps your system is in need of an upgrade?


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