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Oasis Montana Spring 2007 Newsletter
Page 1 - Backup Solar Power System


Ice storms, earthquake, hurricane, floods, or squirrel in the transformer…it does not matter what causes it, a power outage is inconvenient at the least and can become costly and dangerous if it goes on for more than 24 hours. While a gasoline-powered generator is often the most popular backup power choice, fuel may be scarce and expensive during a prolonged outage. Gasoline fueled generators also require maintenance, and they can be noisy and dirty.

How would you like a backup power source that is clean and quiet, doesn’t require any fuel to purchase, and can reduce your monthly electric bill when you aren’t using it? That is what a battery based grid-tie solar power system featuring Outback’s PS1 system pictured to the left can do. The PS1 incorporates a single 48V - 3.6 kW grid-tie sine wave inverter, 60 amp MPPT solar charge controller and the required AC & DC disconnects all pre-wired in the upper outdoor rated NEMA 3R enclosure. The bottom enclosure houses 4 deep-cycle sealed AGM batteries that can provide enough energy storage to run an efficient refrigerator for two days.

If you connect a solar array to this PS1 system, that would extend the amount of time you could run your critical AC loads (well pump, refrigerator, lights, etc.) during a utility outage. While utility power is available, this solar power system will keep the batteries fully charged and sell the excess solar power back to the utility company which lowers your monthly bill. We have put together a small sample system quote below so you can see what a system like this will cost. Of course there are a few variables, such as solar array size, type of mount structure, and battery size that can affect the cost of this system as well as its performance. Keep in mind that there is a $2000 federal tax credit available for purchasing and installing this type of system during 2007, and there may be more state incentives in your area available as well (visit www.dsireusa.org for more information). Please give us a call if you have any questions about this system or if you would like us to prepare a quote on a larger or different battery based grid-tie system. We need to know what you want to power and for what length of time.

1 Outback PS1-3000 inverter/controller/disconnect in NEMA 3R enclosure
1 Outback PS1 BE battery enclosure
4 Concorde PVX-1080T 12V 108 amp-hour sealed AGM batteries
3 #2/0 AWG 16” black battery interconnects
1 set of two #2/0 AWG 10’ inverter cables
4 Sharp ND-L3EJEA 12V 123W multi-crystalline solar modules
1 eight module top-of-pole mount structure (4” ID SCH40 steel pipe required)
4 30” #10-2 and one 30’ #10/2 module interconnects
1 Outback PSPV combiner box with one 15A breaker & SOV

Call for current system price.

On average the four Sharp solar modules will produce ~1.3 kWh of energy per day with 4 hours of full sun while the four Concorde batteries will provide 2 days of storage to 50% depth of discharge at the
consumption rate of 1.3 kWh per day (depending on your location).

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