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GenPro Solar Water Purification Systems


The GenPro Energy Series products are a unique group of purification systems designed to support large-scale disaster relief efforts, adventure tours, humanitarian assistance, remote areas, missions and relief agencies, and military. The GenPro Energy Series products will provide a community with safe, good-tasting drinking water for many years.


GP X-Series
The GenPro XS 720
and XSS 1440 are essentially hand pump miniature water treatment plants. The filtration mechanism physically removes particulate and bacteriological contaminants and ensures that the treated water is safe to drink. The GenPro XM 500 and XP 10000 are ultrafiltration systems designed for field use and to support large-scale disaster relief and humanitarian assistance efforts. With a small footprints and minimal weight, these systems are air, surface, or trailer deliverable to a site.

GP SW-Series
The GenPro SW 500 and 1500 SW units are designed to purify seawater from a variety of feed sources and deliver the purified, reverse osmosis water to an atmospheric tank for future delivery.  The SW 500 is a portable system that produces up to 500 gpd and is designed to work with AC generators (with DC converter) or with DC solar panels.  The 1500 SW produces up to 1500 gpd and is powered completely by solar power, with options to use generator or AC power. 

Hand Pump Water Systems Description


   GP XS 720 180/720 Gal / 2,725 Liter Ultra Filtration Hand Powered Portable Water Unit $3520
   GP XSS 1440 360/1440 Gal / 5,451 Liter Ultra Filtration 24v DC Solar Powered Portable Water Unit $5340
Hand Pump Complete Systems:
Replacement parts + replacement filter pack
     GP XS 720 SPK + SFK-1 $3587
     GP XS 720 SPK + SFK-2 $3741
     GP XS 720 SPK + SFK-3 $3993
     GP XSS 1440 SPK + SFK-1 $5677
     GP XSS 1440 SPK + SFK-2 $5831
     GP XSS 1440 SPK + SFK-3 $6083
Hand Pump Water Systems Options
     Spare Parts Kit (Gauge, Repair for Hand Pump, Value, Misc. Fittings and Hose) $  215
     Spare Filter Kit Level 1 Includes (1 Redox Filter, 2 UF Filters, 5 Sediment,  2 Carbon Block, 3 O Rings) $  398
     Spare Filter Kit Level 2 Includes (2 Redox Filter, 4 UF Filters, 10 Sediment, 3 Carbon Block, 6 O Rings) $  678
     Spare Filter Kit Level 3 Includes (3 Redox Filter, 6 UF Filters, 20 Sediment, 6 Carbon Block, 12 O Rings) $1135
     Carbon Block/Redox $    78
     Redox 3 lbs $    82
     Sediment $      2
     UF Filter $    47
     Optional Orange Case $  185
Ultrafiltration Systems Description


   GP XM 2500
    (Must be ordered in lots of 10.)
2,500 gpd Ultrafiltration System -- Gravity Feed Configuration $3990 ea.
   GP XP 10000 Automated 10,000 gpd Solar Ultrafiltration System with PAC and Battery Backup $46,127   
Sea Water Systems
   SW 500
   (Must be ordered in lots of 10.)
Portable 500 gpd Seawater Desalination System $15,473 ea.
   IV 1500SW Solar Powered 1500 gpd Solar Purification System Call us.    
Sea Water System Options
     GPSP-00 24 VDC Submersible Pump $2040
     SPP-2500 Solar Power/Pump Option for 2500 gpd $2000
     SPP-5000 Solar Power/Pump Option for 5000 gpd $4000
     GPCTF-00 Two 50 Micron Pleated Washable Filters Mounted in Rolling Case $1460
     GPCIT-00 UF Membrane Cartridge Integrity Test Station $905
     GPCPB-00 Power Box for Solar or AC Power $2039
     GPCPB-00 Power Box for Solar or AC Power $2039

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individual GP X- and SW-Series systems

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