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  AQUAIR UW Submersible Hydro Generator - no turbines, no dams, no pipes… up to 2.4 kilowatt-hours per day from any fast-running stream with only 13" of clear water!

The Aquair UW Sybmersible Generator is a special low-speed, high-output alternator which has been mounted in an oil-filled heavy-duty cast aluminum housing with triple seals.  Originally designed and used aboard seismic sleds towed behind oil exploration vessels.
If your home is on the sea or near a tideway, the Aquair UW is ideal for you.  Its alternator produces electricity no matter which way the tide is flowing, and the unit is impervious to saltwater. It is designed to produce DC power at moderate propeller speeds; this is ideal for home power generation when the house is located near a reasonable fast-running stream.

When mounted in a stream that flows at 9 mph (slow jog), the Aquair produces 8 amps (100 watt-hours per hour) continuously, 2.4 kilowatt-hours per day.  With energy conservation measures, this is enough to provide a good level of comfort in a remote home away from utility power.  At a stream speed of 6 mph (brisk walk) it still produces 1.5 kilowatt-hours of energy per day.  And you can construct a timber or rock venturi that increases water speed and output considerably.

The Aquair is often mounted above a narrow stream on bridging logs, with a simple verticle leg that can be adjusted for varying water levels.  On wider streams, use the ancient "well-sweep" counter-weighted cantilever system to raise and lower the unit into the flow.  Other mounting options are to secure the unit inside a venturi pipe or under floating pontoons.

The Aquair Submersible Generator should be mounted with the propeller facing the stream flow.  It should be strongly secured to a timber or aluminum supporting structure to withstand strong downstream forces.  The method of supporting it and providing vertical adjustment depends entirely on the character of the stream or river you're using.  The propeller is 12.5" in diameter and requires a water depth of at least 13 inches.  Generally speaking, try to mount it in smoothly-flowing  fast water near the bank or in a side flow out of the way of floating logs or large debris.  Small stuff can't hurt it so you don't need a screen.

If your stream is subject to sudden spates due to thunderstorms or flood control dams upstream and the flow is violent enough to dislodge boulders or logs, you should have a method of raising the generator out of the way.  A 3" diameter vertical leg can be purchased (see picture below) that you can adapt to your installation.

The Aquair UW is a very rugged machine and requires no maintenance once it has been mounted.  The prop is made of top-grade ductile aluminum and can be hammered back into shape in case it really gets walloped.  To be on the safe side, it can't hurt to get a spare prop.

The Aquair is designed  for remote cabins with modest  power requirements. It really doesn't have enough output to impact the average American home, unless you are extremely frugal in your power requirements.

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The Aquair UW is 14.44" from nose to tail, 8.375" diameter and weighs 22 lbs. 
8mm mounting bolts are spaced 1.75" on centers.  Propeller diameter is 12.5".
AQUAIR UW hydro generators components
In ideal conditions, the UW puts out 8 amps at 12 VDC, a total of 192 amp-hours per day (2.4 kilowatt-hours).  It is self-current limiting and can't overspeed or burn out the windings.  The energy it produces must be stored in deep cycle batteries.  The Aquair should be carefully regulated to get the best out of your system and to avoid damaging the battery bank.  A regulator for the unit is available for $150, to protect against overcharging the batteries.

If your home is on the banks of a stream (up to 100 feet away), you can transmit the Aquair's power directly to the battery bank in the house.  Make sure the wire size is big enough to handle the voltage load without excessive voltage drop.  If the house is up to 250 feet away, you can use the 24 VDC  Ampair generator and a direct wire link.  If the house is any further than 250 ft. away, your best approach is a battery bank and 120VAC inverter in a well-insulated "power shed" near the generator.  There is little line loss with AC--you can string it out for hundreds of feet.

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Of course be sure to mention that
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The Aquair UW Submersible Generator is warranted for three years

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