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for homes, offices, light industrial, and remote power applications.

Trace power inverters by Xantrex

 The new UX series of inverters is the best choice for systems of 600 to 1400 watts when efficiency, modest power and economical considerations are of prime importance.

600 to 1400 watts of efficient power!  This compact inverter will produce 600 to 1400 watts of standard household electrical power and can start and run appliances up to three times the continuous rating.  The UX series makes the most of battery power available by operating loads at efficiencies up to 92% and by consuming as little as 1/2 watt under no load conditions.  Load-compensated "smart" protection circuitry delivers all the energy your battery bank can safely provide, but shuts down the inverter if your batteries approach dangerous low discharge levels
Options to fit your installation needs include:

1.) Remote Control (RC-8/50 or RC-8/100) may be panel mounted 50 or 100 feet (15 or 30 meters) away for convenient indication of inverter's operating status and ON/OFF control.

2) Stand-By (SB) includes automatic battery charger and AC transfer switch.

3) Battery Temperature Sensor (BTS) automatically controls accurate charge.

Step Up to Trace Inverters by Xantrex!  Other low cost inverter brands will only sustain a large power requirement for a moment.  The Trace UX series can start and run high power loads of twice their rated power for nearly a full minute.  And with Trace, you get the most sophisticated protection circuitry in the industry, a full two year warranty on parts and labor, and the security of knowing you have the most dependable power inverter in the world.

The Solution:  a low cost, reliable and easy to use inverter/charger
1) 600 to 1400 watts continuous output inverters with a high battery performance battery charger option available.
2) High efficiency, high surge capacity, low idle current.
3) Low power "search mode: to conserve energy.
4) Quiet operation.
5) Optional three stage charger with temperature compensation (SB models only).
6) Fast switching for standby power systems (SB models only).
7) Certified to UL standard 1741 for PV Power Systems and CSA-C22.2, No. 107.1M91.

Convenience:  Enjoy using standard home electrical appliances and tools from your batteries.  The UX series converts DC battery power into normal household AC to run hand tools, microwaves, televisions, computers--almost any small to medium sized equipment--even small refrigerators which have high current demands.

Automatic Operation:  Plug into utility power or rev-up your generator, and the UX model inverter starts charging your batteries and automatically transfers power to your electrical system.  It charges rapidly and completely without overcharging, and maintains a full charge indefinitely.  The high-power design charges batteries in three stages: bulk, absorption and float.  When your AC input power fails, transfer to inverter power is automatic and typically within 16 milliseconds to keep lights, phone, appliances, and most computers running without missing a beat (this feature only available with the SB battery charging option).

Protection:  In the inverter mode, the unit automatically turns off to prevent batteries from running seriously low.  The UX design ensures long battery life and is compatible with both sealed type or liquid lead acid type batteries.  Other protection guards against over temperature and overload.  The crystal controlled voltage and frequency circuitry also protects your appliances from damage.

Designed for maximum service, all UX models offer power coated chassis, stainless fasteners, conformal coated circuit boards and gold plated connectors.  AC wiring terminates cleanly inside the wall or shelf mountable chassis.

The Bottom Line:
The Trace UX series of compact inverters provides quiet, dependable power whenever and wherever you need it, at a price you can afford .

European hz range available--e-mail for info)
Call for availability and  freight on these inverters!

NOTE:  Below pricing reflects Trace's list pricing; if you buy your system from us,  major system discounts will apply.  Call us for your pricing on Trace components.

With SB (battery charging) Option
Nominal DC Input Voltage
AC Output Voltage (RMS)
Nominal Frequency
Continuous Power (@25C)
Continuous Current (@25C)
Maximum Current (100 mSec Record)
Maximum Power (light bulb rating)
Efficiency (peak)
 12 VDC
120 VAC
 60 HZ
 600 VA
5 amps AC
8 amps AC
92% max
 12 VDC
120 VAC
 60 HZ
1100 VA
9 amps AC
22 amps AC
90% max
 12 VDC
120 VAC
 60 HZ
1400 VA
12 amps AC
30 amps AC
92% max

DC Input Requirements

Search Mode
On Mode (no load--idle)
At Full Rated Power
Input Voltage Range
Low Battery Cut-out (w/out SB option)
High Voltage Cut-out
.022A (.4W)
0.40A  (5.0W)
63 amps
10.8 to 15.5 VDC
9.5 VDC
15.7 VDC
 .045A (.5W)
 .45A  (5.5W)
 120 amps
10.8 to 15.5 VDC
 9.5 VDC
15.7 VDC 
.060A (.7W)
.60A  (7W)
153 amps
10.8 to 15.5 VDC
 9.5 VDC
15.7 VDC

AC Output Characteristics

AC Output Waveform
Voltage Regulation
Power Factor Allowed
Frequency Regulation

 Modified Sinewave
  +/ - 5% Maximum, +/ - 2.5% Typical
  -1 to 1
 =/ - 0.01% (crystal regulated)

Environmental Limitations

Enclosure Type
Specified Temperature Range
Allowed Operating Temp Range

Dimensions - Inverter Only

Dimensions - Shipping
Indoor, ventilated, steel chassis with powdercoat finish
32F to 104F (0C to +40C) (output will meet specified tolerances)
-40F to 140F (-40C to +60C) (output may not meet specified tolerances)
10/5" (26.7cm) high, 15.5" (39.4 cm) wide, 6" (15.2cm) deep (when wall mounted)
 20.5" (52cm), 27" (69cm), 15.5" (40cm)
Wall or shelf mount
Weight, Inverter Only
Weight, Shipping
25 lbs (11.4kg)
30 lbs (13.6kg)
30 lbs (13.6kg)
35 lbs (15.9kg)
35 lbs (15.9kg)
40 lbs (18.2 kg)

Stand-By (SB) option

Automatic AC Transfer Relay
Maximum Battery Charging Rate
30 amps AC
25 amps DC
30 amps AC
50 amps DC
30 amps AC
50 amps DC
3-Stage Charger Regulation Method

Selectable Low Battery Cutout
 Bulk (constant current), Absorption (constant voltage) and Float (maintenance voltage)
9.5VDC (allows deep discharge) or 11.8VDC (for use with starting or shallow cycle batteries)
Additional options
Battery Temperature Sensor
Remote Control Panel
BTS/15: 15 foot plug-in battery temp sensor with phone jack
RC/8-50:  50 ft. ON/OFF remote with LED status indicator
RC/8-100:  100 ft. ON/OFF remote with LED status indicator .
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