Shurflo Model 9300 Series
Water Pumping

Shurflow water pumps, Renewable Energy, Solar water pumping, Alternative Energy, livestock watering, PV, RE, AE,
Shurflo's 9300 Series pumps are backed by 25 years of research and engineering experience.  Designed to be strong as yet lightweight, these pumps are easily repaired in the field.  Shurflo provides a wide range of parts and kits for ease of rebuilding and repair.

9300 Series Submersible Pump Features:
1)  Strong construction, yet lightweight
2)  Corrosion-proof housing with stainless steel fasteners
3)  Can run dry without damaging pump
4)  Internal Bypass Feature for pump protection
5)  Long-life, 24V DC operation
6)  Easily repaired in the field
7)  25 years of manufacturing experience with diaphragm pumps
8)  State of the art solid diaphragm.

Shurflo 9300 Series Sub Pump:  $730
Optimizing Pump Controller:  $225
Call for freight and availability on these units!

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