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The Ampair 100 Wind Generator is a special heavy-duty alternator driven by a three-foot diameter rotor with fiber reinforced polypropylene blades.  It was developed in response to requests for wind generators that can operate in extreme conditions with little or no maintenance for years on endů mountaintop scientific and microwave instruments. coastal sites, remote homes and world cruising yachts.  At a high wind speed, it makes a makes a maximum of 100 watts per hour, or 2.4kwh per day.

The unit is designed for harsh mountaintop sites or marine environments with modest power requirements.  Their output is really too small to impact the average American home.

For the energy-independent homeowner who needs a few extra watts per day,  this solves the major drawback of some other wind generators, from the huge Jacobs-type systems to units with three-to-five foot blades:  downtime, high maintenance, and repair bills, especially when towers are involved.  The Ampair 100 is guaranteed at
any windspeed, without the need for air brakes, cutouts, furling or mechanical brakes.  It spins freely in any wind, producing electricity full-time.

Depending on your house site and wind profile, you can raise it above the wind shadow on a simple pole mount.  It is a valuable supplement to solar or hydro power systems, producing one kilowatt (1000 watt-hours per day) at wind speeds of 16 knots (a knot is 1.15 mph).  When the winter clouds roll in and the creek dries up, you'll be happy with your Ampair 100!

The Ampair 100 is a very ruggedly-built wind generator, designed to operate continuously in any wind.  The housing is a heavy aluminum casting and the fiber reinforced blades have a thick root section, which withstands nearly any wind ever encountered.

The Ampair's multi-blade wind turbine direct-drives a special brushless permanent magnet alternator with heavy-duty windings.  It is rated for continuous output and is guaranteed in any wind.  Because of its design it can't overheat or burn out.

The Ampair has one other advantage over larger wind generators.  Its multi-blade design makes it absolutely silent, even in storm conditions.  You can mount it near the house with no vibration and no characteristic
whop-whop sound of larger propeller-type designs.  And best of all, the Ampair is totally maintenance-free.  You put it up, leave it up, and leave it alone.  This is a great help if you decide to raise it on a pole or tower, where maintenance on top can be expensive or difficult.

AMPAIR 100 wind generator/turbine wind requirements

                               (1 knot  =  1.15 mph)

The Ampair 100 puts out amperage at a lower rate than the larger propeller-type units, but it produces it continuously, while other units must be progressively braked, governed, or shut down when the wind blows hard. 

The Ampair 100 weighs 29 lbs and is approximately 36" high, 36" wide and 24" deep.  It is provided with a 31" section of mounting pole, 1 3/4" outside diameter, a perfect inside fit for standard 2" diameter steel pipe.

Ampair must be carefully regulated to get the best out of your system and to avoid overcharge and damage to the battery bank.  Use a load bank and the M3B Regulator, which can handle power from the Ampair 100 as well as for a solar array up to a combined total of 25 amps.  Other regulators for this unit are also available.

The average compact suburban house (in England) uses about 121.5 kilowatt-hours per day.  Your house, using conservation measures such as energy efficient appliances and lighting (and converting heating loads to gas), should be able to get along on about 2.5 kilowatt-hours (2500 watts per day).  When the wind blows hard, the Ampair produces most of the power you need--up to about 2.2 kwh per day.  At other times, it's a valuable supplement to solar panels, to make a truly comfortable home with no utility costs at all.

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The Ampair 100 Wind Generator is warranted for three years.  Made in England of the highest-quality engineering and materials.  Serviced in the USA and Canada by the importer.

BERGEY UNITS NOW AVAILABLE--but we haven't had time recently to put ALL our good information on the web!  Check out their web page (below) for  pricing and specifications on these fine, heavy duty units; availability includes 1KW and 10K in a variety of models and voltages.  Prices on these units range from $2950 on their 1KW units (no tower included) to $39,000 to $45,000 (plus freight), installed, for their 10K units,  depending on wattage, voltage and model .  See their most excellent web page at

You can print pricing, specifications, tower options, and installation manuals right off their web site (hey, why re-invent the wheel when someone's already done it?). They also offer state-by-state wind maps for all states in the U.S.--so if you're zone 3 or above, you're in a great spot for wind generation.  Lead times are increasing for these tough and popular units, due to the energy crisis. GET IN LINE NOW!

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